To enter a new project, you can either follow the flow: Collect, Process then Plan or go directly to the Review Projects screen.

1. Collect Thought

Enter a thought - press Enter (as focus on Add button). Press Esc to close pop-up.


2. Process thought

  • Default action description is same as thought so change description if required
  • Check box one before last at the bottom - Create a new project
  • Either press the  green +  button at the top to enter more actions or sub-projects for same thought, or press the green arrow to indicate end processing for that thought


3. Review project

  • Enter Purpose, Vision, Brainstorming, Organizing fields
  • Can add action icon or sub-project icon
  • reorganise their order by drag and drop or Copy/Cut/Paste or Move Up/Move Down functions.




1. Review project screen

Select a project node and add the project and actions using the following icons:


or you can copy and paste an existing project or sub-project

or you can create a new project from project template by copying and pasting the template.

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