Please note that version 2.0 and higher needs users to be on iphone os 3.2 or 4.0. Earlier versions won't be supported.

If you are using the free version of TR (2.2.1), do not upgrade as only iPhone v2.2 is syncing with the free version.

TR desktop iPhone sync module needs to be as follow:

  • version 2.2.1 is not supported anymore after v2.2;
  • for v3.1.2, module version;
  • for v3.x, module version

iPhone/iPad app functionality


  • Global Search;
  • Notification for due actions on TR icon;
  • automatic recognition of phone numbers and url.


  • collect new thoughts and edit them.

Actions Views

  • Overdue and Today actions:
  • Do ASAP actions: 3 tabs - Today, Week and Anytime;
  • Scheduled actions: 3 tabs - Today, Week and Anytime;
  • Delegated actions: 3 tabs - Today, Week and Anytime;
  • ability to filter by context, topic, priority, time and energy;
  • ability to sort by multiple fields.
  • ability to check actions to done on the iPhone;
  • postpone functionality for the Action date similar to the desktop postpone functionality;
  • ability to edit Action Notes;
  • Delegated action: display email address of delegates if exist with functionality to call email application when clicked.


  • view Project hierarchy, same order as on the desktop Review Projects tree;
  • view project details;
  • update project details: purpose, vision, brainstorming, organising,notes, due date.

Reference items

  • view Reference items, order by description alphabetically;
  • view reference details;
  • update reference details: notes.


All Inactive, Scheduled and Delegated actions to do that have an action date in the past and within a month in the future from today's day are synced. All Do ASAP actions are synced.

The sync can be done:

  • through wifi. There is a wiki page to help you setting up your iPhone sync wifi detail;
  • using Dropbox (see here for instructions).

To find the latest sync module, please go under Tools/Plugins, go to Update Tab and press the Reload Catalog button.

Recent release notes

Functionality added with v2.6

  • Global search;
  • Collected Thoughts saved by default;
  • bug fix on screen orientation for iPad.

No module update for desktop required for v2.6.

Functionality added with v2.5

  • overdue count added to TR icon on your iPhone;
  • 2 new views - Overdue and Today actions:
    • ability to filter by context, topic, priority, time and energy;
    • ability to sort by multiple fields.

No module update for desktop required for v2.5.


Demo: iPhone 2.0 Functionality

Demo: iPhone 2.1 Functionality

Next release work planned:

  • expand/collapse of the project hierarchy;
  • filtering for projects;
  • order and filtering for reference items.


About ThinkingRock

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

Read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website

GTD Links

We have compiled a list of useful resources related to the Getting Things Done methodology and its implementation.

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