Using / importing SetupData.xml

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Using / importing SetupData.xml

Postby deb » Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:40 pm

New user, awesome product, thanks so much for putting it out there!

However, trying to hit the ground running, & could use an assist. The intended use of the SetupData.xml file is unclear, and I can't find a readme or any other helpful doc regarding how to integrate it into the system.

I saw one post that said just open the file in TR, which seems to work, but then my data file is not open. (I assumed it was a settings file that would co-exist with my open data file (*.trx), but apparently both cannot be active at once?)

When I do open the SetupData.xml file in TR, only the Contexts & Topics list entries are visible. When viewing the raw XML, I can see that it contains Thoughts/Projects/Tasks etc, but these items do not appear in the UI.

When I add a new project then review the XML data file directly, I can see that entries are added to the SetupData.xml file in the middle of the existing entries, and the .trx file of course does not contain any of the new data since it was not open.

Very confusing, but prob'ly just newbiness.
Can anyone shed some light...?

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