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Reviews of ThinkingRock.

Postby Janice » Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:20 pm

For the first time since using Thinking Rock, I had to share one of my project outlines with a colleague. I had low expectations of what TR could offer and anticipated having to duplicate the work in a project specific application.

Nope. Didn't have to go there. The project report was beautiful and made me look good. This exercise gave me more confidence that all I need is one home to manage all of tasks.

Yet another reason as to why I'll be patronizing TR with the release of 2.0.
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Postby enpointe » Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:30 am

I've had many flings with other apps and the good news is, thinkingrock and i have been together for more than one week, which is the standard duration of how long an app lasts on my computer before i delete it in frustration and begin seeking a new one. i foresee that this is something long term.

here are the merits of thinkingrock:

- it's like a good partner in the sense that it's not at all complicated. very straightforward, a breeze to deal with and helps me with my work.

- we've got mutual friends. namely google calendar and rainlendar. together they sync to make a formidable team that really boosts productivity and gives me endless support.

- it may not be the fanciest app around, but it looks decent and clean. good enough for me. no bells and whistles either- just beautiful simplicity.

- very reliable. need i say more? it's always silently there next to the start button and i'm never afraid that i've left something out or forgotten to do something, thanks to this app.

- fantastic in-laws. the other day i posted a question but didnt really expect to get an answer back, so imagine my amazement when there was an answer the next day. helped me understand tr much better and link it up to gcal. thank you mods, you rock.
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Postby ritav » Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:17 pm

After one month of using Thinking Rock, the clincher is the rapid ability to collect thoughts then process them to actions/projects/etc later on.

A couple of features that I would love to see...

- alarms for actions and projects (I sometimes put a due date on a project, but keep most of the individual actions as "inactive" until my weekly review so I don't clog up my action list)
- a calendar view of project and action due dates, so I can easily see when a day is going to be too clogged up with activities that I have scheduled
- information items attachable to projects rather than just topics
- and of course... some sort of synchronization option with my palm (although surprisingly, I find that complex action lists and tasks don't translate well into a small screen, so a pocketmod print out is handy and just folds inside my palm with a rubber band as the "spine")

Thanks for a great product, please please keep development ongoing
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Just do it! ;-)

Postby yildi » Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:21 pm

For me the superiority of TR is very immediate: I have been reading, thinking, hesitating, turning around me :-) , etc. for months about GTD until I have came upon TR, and I was just in; collecting my thoughts, organizing my projects, immediately beginning to have a much clearer picture of my tasks.

Second most important reason is great support by Claire and Jeremy and this very friendly end helpful community.

Very cordially,

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Postby samg » Thu Nov 29, 2007 4:32 pm

For me the place that TR tops all other apps is how easy it is to collect thoughts. All day long things come to me. Alt + tab, F6, type, enter, and I'm back on task in 5 seconds. It's also been really helpful for me in keeping my Outlook inbox clear - it's so much easier now, emails that are action items get turned into thoughts, and they're out of my inbox. (I just wish I could sort thoughts based on topic so that I don't have to process home stuff at work to get to the work thoughts and vice versa) I tried Life Balance for a while, and while I like the idea of an algorithm for the task list, collection was onerous.

I also like that this is built around GTD, and I don't have to kludge anything.

The other key factor for me is that it's cross platform. PC at work, my wife has a Mac, and we're planning on buying another mac for home, and we wanted to be able to use the same application.

I really appreciate the good work Jeremy and Claire do, and how transparent the whole process is - it's gutsy, and it potentially opens you up to criticism if people don't like what they see, but it also really builds trust and loyalty.

Looking forward to the final release of 2.0.


P.S. Eddie - I think the Olympics game was called Olympic Decathlon - you'd run by hitting two keys as fast as you can, right? I never quite got the shot put right - I think some how we had it set up that the paddles controlled that. What a disastrous interface.
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Postby Eddie » Sat Jan 05, 2008 10:46 am

samg wrote:P.S. Eddie - I think the Olympics game was called Olympic Decathlon - you'd run by hitting two keys as fast as you can, right? I never quite got the shot put right - I think some how we had it set up that the paddles controlled that. What a disastrous interface.

Thanks for the memories :D
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Never leave without it

Postby Guido » Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:13 pm

It's totaly according to the GTD system. It really forces me to go from collecting to determening the outcome and defining the next actions.

It runs on an usb stick, I didn't have to call my system-administrator to install it and explain why I need software that's not on the official list.

ThinkingRock let's me have a complete GTD-system with reminders, people to call, e-mails to write, the current state of my projects and fun stuff I'd like to do on a stick. My portable ThinkingRock is the first thing to go in my briefcase when I prepare for work and has become more important then my mobile phone or Palm.
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