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Been Telling Everyone

Postby tavish » Thu Jan 25, 2007 7:10 pm

I've been using ThinkingRock for a few weeks now and can't get over the difference it has made. I've blogged about. BlueDotted it. I've even emailed the link to friends and family.

I'm new to GTD and was looking for a digital tool for use with it. I didn't like any of the Web-based ones, but needed something that I could use with a Mac (home) and a PC (work). ThinkingRock to the rescue.

The xml file allows me to easily transfer my data between my two computers.
I can colour code, which is always important when I'm organizing data.
The application has a very small learning curve (at least for me).
The icons make sense, which makes it user friendly.
It's free.

Overall, I love this program and am looking forward to the upcoming release of the next version.

Items I'm hoping for:
Integration with some address book (either built in or able to access through).
Integration with a calendar.
Ability to assign priorities to individual tasks.

Thanks to all of the designers who brought us this great tool.
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